Queen Mattress Vs King Mattress – Which is Better

The most important furniture when you enter a bedroom is a mattress. This is important in any house as if you want to sleep comfortably, you need a mattress. Mattresses come in different sizes. Based on your room size, budget, family size etc., There are mattresses that are available in 6 different sizes: twin mattress, twin extra-long mattress, queen mattress, king mattress, full mattress, California king mattress. Some of the mattresses are also available for customization where you can customize the size of the bed.

Most of the people select between queen and king size mattresses. The basic difference between them is the size. In this article, we have given few differences between the standard mattresses, king and queen. Go through them and if you are struggling to decide, this article helps you decide.

What’s the Difference Between Queen and King Size Mattress?


Queen Size Mattress:

Queen size mattress in a box is the most popular size in the market as they account to around 40% of sales. Below are some pros and cons of using queen size mattress.


  • A queen size mattress costs lesser than king size mattress. This might vary based on the material and brand used.
  • A queen-size bed requires much less space than the king-size mattress. They measure about 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. They can easily be fitted in medium spaced bedroom.
  • Queen mattress is a perfect medium type mattress. They are larger than full or twin beds and smaller than king-size making them ideal for many people.
  • They are typically lighter in weight and can be moved easily.
  • As they are sold most often, there is wide availability for queen mattresses.


  • Sometimes, couples don’t feel queen mattresses to be comfortable as they are not much wider and if you have children, it is more difficult to accommodate them.
  • If you have a bigger bedroom, then queen size mattress might be much smaller.
  • Not ideal for taller people.

King Size Mattress:

The largest standard mattress size available in the market is king size mattress. Below are some pros and cons of using king size mattress.


  • They are much larger in size than a queen mattress. They are about 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. They have ample surface to sleep.
  • As the king-size mattresses have a lot of space to sleep, they can accommodate kids and pets on the bed to sleep with them.
  • King mattresses have a perfect square shape suitable for most of the rooms.
  • King mattresses are also available a lot in the market.


  • King size mattresses are expensive than queen-sized ones. Even the accessories are expensive.
  • As the king-size mattresses occupy a lot of space, you need a bedroom which is large enough to fit the king-size bed.
  • King size mattresses are heavy and usually need assistance to carry and hence are difficult to move.

Final word: 

Above are some details about both queen-sized and king-sized mattress. If you want much space and are a couple having kids or pets, the king size is a better option. If you have less space at home and only require a bed for one or two, the queen is better. Go through the above points and decide a mattress that best suits you.


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